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Give us an idea of what you envision for your project, and we’ll compute what it would cost to make that dream come true. If the reality is a bit high for your budget, we can also help scale back costs while working to keep the dream intact. We often have alternative solutions to keep costs down.
We’ll bid our time on your project based on high productivity so you’re not paying for extra time. Our workers are highly skilled and very efficient. We’ll get the job done, in good time, with great results!
KDT Construction doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising because we feel our best advertisement is word of mouth from our satisfied customers…and we’ve got plenty of them! We can put you in touch with people who’ve worked with us in the past; they’re happy to show you the result of the work we did in their home. That way you can feel assured that you’re going to get the quality you’re looking for.
We work on projects of all scopes and sizes. Our availability depends on when you give us the nod; at that point you’re placed in our schedule regardless of the project size. Sometimes we’re booked a couple weeks or months out; we’ll let you know that up front. Sometimes we can fit smaller projects in between our larger ones. We will get to your project just as soon as we can. Giving you our best is what we do!